How to tame the leopard print?

Except if you have been living under a rock for the past month, you know that the leopard is THE print of this winter.

Controversial, isn’t it?

Misused, it can very quickly and very easily drive your look to the tacky side of the trend. Oh yes!!! leopard print (as all of us) comes with various sides. Let’s dive in and learn how to tame that wild, wild one!

You are tempted, but scared to overdo it? Safety first. You are brave enough to acknowledge that you like it and to do something about it, that is the first step!

I don’t want to scare you off.

Taste the water. Use it in touches with your usual day to day looks. A belt, a scarf or simply some earrings to start with. Wear it in an environment that you feel comfortable in with friends to go for brunch or shopping per example. A nice pair of jean, a plain cable knit jumper and your favourite boots. Off you go!

Gauge how you feel, the reactions around you. Quickly, you will include it without even thinking about it. Leopard print is like a puppy, you can’t resist it long!

If you are bolder in your fashion choices, the leopard print is such a fun trend to play with. you are in for a treat!

It pairs really well with another trend, the wrap dress or skirt. I love those because they are flattering for ALL body shape. Mix it with a black knit, black tights and boots to turn it down a little. Throw on a biker leather jacket or an aviator jacket and off you go!

I am not gonna lie… I own all of the above and I wear them in various way depending on my mood of the day.

My go to, when I am feeling a little bit grungier than usual is the t-shirt dress! Super comfy, easy to wear, I add on my leather biker jacket, black tights and my black patent Dr. Martens and because it is winter now, I will wrap in an oversize coral-red knitted scarf for extra coziness!

You are now ready for the urban jungle!