About me

I have been working in fashion for the past 12 years, to be honest i am still working in fashion as Head of Buying for an e-commerce platform based in London.

In the past decade or so, I bought branded footwear, apparel and accessories from high street, premium up to Luxury brands and I also developed my own brand of women shoes. The latter was one of the greatest experience of my life. The most fulfilling one. translating runaway trends into commercial, affordable and wearable products.

Fashion I know. Style however, I learned.

I tried, I failed, I succeeded but more importantly I had fun looking for mine.

My style translate in what I wear on a daily basis, it is what people see of me first. It can be honest (or not) depending on how I feel. My style is my armour in life. Some days I am down, those are the days I dress up to compensate.

Let me help you find yours!