Select the Package that fits your need:


I need an Outfit

Receive 3 suggestions of outfits (Apparel, Accessories and Shoes)




I need an Outfit + Try on

Receive 3 suggestion of outfit (Apparel, Accessories and Shoes) Get my feedback on the final look




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I want the same but cheaper

You are lusting over an item but your wallet is not on the same page? I can help you find a dupe in your budget!




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How to wear?

A piece or a fashion trend that you would love to incorporate in your day to day style? I will provide you a list of 3/4 items and look ideas to make it yours.




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Style me for the season!

Based on your tastes, your current wardrobe and the key season trends I will provide you the key wardrobe staples to feel stylish and confident.